Yoast News SEO v13.1 Plugin

The Yoast News SEO WordPress plugin is a valuable extension of the Yoast SEO plugin, specifically tailored for optimizing websites for Google News. By seamlessly integrating with the Yoast SEO plugin, it facilitates the implementation of essential features to enhance a site’s visibility in Google News and universal search results. The plugin excels in creating XML News Sitemaps, enabling the generation of editors’ picks RSS feeds, and providing support for the standout tag.

Additionally, it offers assistance in optimizing advanced XML News sitemap options, such as stock tickers. While the plugin doesn’t submit the site to Google News, it empowers users to refine their site’s structure and content to maximize visibility in Google News and universal search results, ensuring it appears frequently and in the best possible way.

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Core Features of Yoast News SEO Plugin

  • Integration with Yoast SEO for seamless optimization
  • Creation of XML News Sitemaps for enhanced visibility
  • Generation of editors’ picks RSS feeds for curated content promotion
  • Support for the standout tag to highlight important news articles
  • Optimization assistance for advanced XML News sitemap options, including stock tickers
  • Focus on improving appearance in Google News and universal search results
  • Empowers users to optimize site structure and content for better visibility
  • Facilitates frequent and effective appearance in Google News
  • Enhances the chances of the site appearing favorably in universal search results
  • A valuable tool for content creators and publishers aiming to optimize their presence in Google News.

What’s New (Changelog) in Yoast News SEO v13.1

Huge performance improvement: moves the XML News sitemap to be based on our Indexables architecture.
Removes images from the XML News sitemap as they serve no purpose here and this further improves performance.
Excludes attachments and non-indexed post types from the possible post types to include in the News Sitemap.

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