iThemes Security Pro v8.3.2 Plugin

iThemes Security Pro is the most comprehensive WordPress security plugin available. It includes all the features of iThemes Security and adds features like two-factor authentication, malware scanning, automatic WordPress updates and more.

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Core Features of iThemes Security Pro Plugin

  • Brute Force WordPress Password Protection Limit the number of failed login attempts allowed for users using WordPress force protection. If someone tries to guess your password, it gets blocked after a few unsuccessful attempts.
  • Detect file changes If someone succeeds in accessing your website, they will most likely add, delete, or modify the website file. Get email notifications of recent file changes so you know if you’ve been hacked.
  • Detects 404
  • If the bot crawls your website for vulnerabilities, it will generate a lot of 404 errors. iTheme Security will block this IP address after the limit you set (by default, 20 errors in 5 minutes).
  • Strong password protection Indicates what level of users on your website (admin, editor, user, etc.) should have strong passwords. Forcing a strong password is one of the best ways to protect WordPress.
  • Block bad users Hold on users Bad stay away from your website if they have too many failed login attempts, if they generate too many 404 errors or if they are on the bot’s blacklist.
  • Stand by Not changing your website 24 hours a day? The Harden WordPress feature makes the WordPress dashboard inaccessible for certain hours so no one else can sneak in and try to make changes.
  • Function “hide Login & Admin” Change the /wp-admin/login.php URL of your WordPress login so that an attacker doesn’t know where to find your site’s entrance. This feature is also good for helping customers remember their login links. Backup
  • Database Back up your databases and send them via email. Make full backups and send them to destinations for external storage.
  • Notification Receive an email notification email when someone is blocked after too many failed login attempts or when a file on your website has been modified.
  • Scan WordPress for malware The iTheme Security plugin uses the Sucuri SiteCheck crawler to scan for malware in WordPress. Sucuri SiteCheck uses 10-point testing to scan your website for known malware, blacklist status, website errors, and outdated software. With iTheme Security Pro, you can enable daily malware scans and receive email notifications if a problem is detected.
  • WordPress version Outdated software – whether it’s WordPress, a theme, or a plugin – compromises your websites because of security vulnerabilities commonly known to cyber criminals. The new version of the iTheme Security Pro version control module can automatically update new versions of WordPress, themes, and plugins, as well as take measures to increase security when website software fails. time.
  • The WordPress magic link module Magic Links feature allows you to log in when your username is blocked by Local Brute Force Protection. When your username is blocked, you can request an email with a special login link. Using email will bypass the blocking of usernames, while the attackers will still be blocked.
  • Two-factor authentication Thanks to WordPress two-factor authentication from iTheme Security Pro, users need to enter a password and an additional code sent to a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. To successfully log in to your user account, you need a password and a code. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of WordPress security to ensure that you’re logged in, not the visitor (or even guessing) your password.

What’s New (Changelog) in iThemes Security Pro v8.3.2

v8.3.2 - 2024-02-06
Tweak: Add a notice when a user's role is demoted from the Site Scans page.
Tweak: Update Privacy Policy generator text.
Bug Fix: Could not proceed through onboarding when BuddyPress or BuddyBoss was active.
Bug Fix: Some firewall rules could not be deactivated.
Bug Fix: Allow opting in to Telemetry via the Settings Page.
Bug Fix: PHP 8.2 deprecation warnings.

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