Dokan Pro v3.9.4 WP Plugin

Dokan Pro is a powerful e-commerce plugin for WordPress. With a clean and intuitive interface that everybody can use, it’s perfect for running an online marketplace.

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With Dokan Pro, you can manage your online store in an easy way. You can create your own categories and products through the Control Panel, or import a CSV with your multivendor order data. With one click, start selling with your favourite payment gateways or PayPal!

Core Features of Dokan Pro WP Plugin

  • Increase Brand Value with Product Reviews
  • Order and Earning Widget on Vendor Dashboard
  • Refunding Customers is Extremely Easy
  • Use any WooCommerce Compatible Theme
  • Marketplace with Independent Stores
  • Multiple Product Types
  • Manage Orders on the Go!
  • Review Product Publishing
  • Easy Withdraw System
  • Vendor Profile Completeness
  • Manage SEO for Store Page
  • Vendors Configure their Store Settings
  • Vendors Payment Method Options
  • Social Profiles Integration for Vendors
  • Shipping Management for Each Store
  • Frontend Dashboard For Vendors
  • Earn From Each Sale
  • Store Insights with Reports and Statement
  • Coupon Management
  • Stylish Storefronts

What’s New (Changelog) in Dokan Pro v3.9.4

v3.9.4 Nov 30, 2023
- **new:** [Announcement] Introduce API for vendor announcements.
1. `dokan/v1/announcement/notice/{notice_id}` For Getting, updating, deleting single notice data
2. `dokan/v1/announcement` For getting all the announcement records. Parameters `vendor_id, search, status, read_status, from, to` are now supported
- **new:** [DokanAuction] Previously vendors could not duplicate auction products from the vendor dashboard. After this update vendors will be able to duplicate auction products.
- **update:** [DeliveryTime] Enhanced Validation and Descriptive Messages: We've added several validation checks and descriptive messages to the "delivery time" admin settings, making it easier to configure and understand.
- **update:** [DeliveryTime] Order Notifications: Order update email notifications will now only be triggered when there are updates to the order's delivery time and/or date, ensuring that customers receive relevant information.
- **update:** [DeliveryTime] Revamped Vendor Dashboard: We've updated the design of the delivery time settings in the vendor dashboard, providing a more user-friendly and intuitive experience.
- **update:** [DeliveryTime] Improved Date Selection: Non-available dates are now automatically disabled on the admin dashboard when editing orders, simplifying the process of selecting delivery dates and times.
- **update:** [StripeExpress] Improved Stripe Account Deletion: Synced Removal from Admin Dashboard.
In the past, when an admin deleted a Stripe account from the admin dashboard on the user edit page, the Stripe settings were only removed locally, while the remote user account on Stripe remained unaffected. With this update, we've enhanced the process. Now, when you delete a Stripe account from the admin dashboard, not only will the local settings be deleted, but the corresponding remote Stripe user account will also be removed. This ensures a synchronized and comprehensive removal process for a more efficient and consistent user experience.
- **update:** [VendorDiscount] Replaced vendor discount implementation with coupons.
The vendor discount system has been overhauled to incorporate coupons for both Product Quantity Discounts and Order Discounts. The new system automatically generates and applies coupons based on cart items and order total, which enhances the user experience and streamlines vendor discounts. This will also fix some of the issues related to vendor discounts our users were having till now.
- **update:** [Booking] Added missing `Linked Products Section` under Booking Product Edit Page
- **fix:** [DeliveryTime] Fixed an issue where users got a fatal error under the checkout page if the corresponding vendors didn’t add their store address.
- **fix:** Fixed a typo under Add New Vendor Modal
- **fix:** [SingleStepProductCreate] Fixed some issues like product data not being saved for the first time when the single step product create feature is enabled.
- **fix:** [ProductAddons] Fixed some translation issues under vendor dashboard → Settings page.
- **fix:** [MangoPay] Fixed the automatic connection of the vendor account to Mangopay.
Previously, when a customer transitioned to become a vendor, their vendor account is automatically linked to a MangoPay account without the need to submit a connection request. Now the issue is resolved.
- **fix:** [StoreSupport] Fixed an issue where the new support ticket email was not sent to the admin and corresponding vendors.
- **fix:** [StripeConnect] Fixed an issue where the Dokan Stripe Connect is no longer showing the webhook url under payment gateway settings page description help text.
- **fix:** [RMA] Fixed an issue where overriding the RMA for a variable product was not working. With this release, the problem was resolved by fetching RMA data from the parent product if the cart item is a product variation.
- **fix:** [PayPalMarketplace] Fixed an issue where the pop up to connect the PayPal account of the vendors wasn’t working in Firefox browser.
- **fix:** [VendorShipping] Fixed an issue where the Shipping Zones were missing under the vendor dashboard on newly created sites.
- **fix:** Live Search option `Autoload Replace Current Content` under Dokan admin settings now replaces the page content for displaying product list under frontend.
- **fix:** [VendorShipping] Fixed an issue where the admin were getting fatal error while storing shipping zone data under WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping
- **fix:** [VendorDiscount] Addressed an issue with Product Quantity Discounts on Variable Products. The update ensures correct commission allocation to administrators and accurate earnings for vendors, maintaining financial integrity.
- **fix:** [VendorDiscount] Resolved discrepancies in order totals between Vendor Orders and Order Details when both Product Quantity and Order Discounts are applied. This fix ensures consistency and prevents mismatch alerts during a refund.
- **fix:** [VendorDiscount] Implemented fixes for incorrect tax calculations, ensuring accurate tax amounts are applied and displayed in accordance with the applied discounts.
- **fix:** [VendorDiscount] Updated the Order Details to correctly show discounts on subscription products, ensuring all discounts are transparently and accurately reflected.

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